Laerdal Resusci Baby QCPR

Laerdal Resusci Baby QCPR

Marka: Laerdal
Ürün Kodu: 161-01260

Resusci Baby QCPR

With realistic chest stiffness, censored touch, and the new SkillReporter app, Resusci Baby QCPR offers a new level of precision training for treating babies in cardiac arrest.

Designed to meet your learning objectives

Sensored touch
Provide accurate feedback to your learners with advanced hand-placement sensors. 

Realistic chest
Train on precise use of force for infant CPR. Resusci Baby QCPR has lifelike chest stiffness for realistic compressions.

Close-to-life anatomy
Perform head tilt, chin lift, and jaw thrust – exactly like it’s done in real-life situations. Resusci Baby QCPR can also rotate the head sideways. 

Ready when you are
Use Resusci Baby QCPR anywhere, anytime. It’s completely tetherless and rechargeable, with more than 37 hours of battery life.