M152 IM Enjeksiyon Maketi

M152 IM Enjeksiyon Maketi

Marka: Sakamoto
Ürün Kodu: M152


Intramuscular Injection Model of Buttocks MovieWeight: About 5kg
Case size: W41 x D47 x H30cm
Accessories: Drain bag, Storage case



Practice of Shibusanbu* method

  • The pelvis is built-in. Trainees can practice identifying the injection site by palpation of the iliac crest and greater trochanter.
  • The green light turns on when a needle is inserted into a safe region. The red light turns on and a warning chime sounds when the injection site is incorrect or the insertion is too deep, even at a safe point.
  • The water (only tap water) can be infused.
  • *Upper Outer quadrant of Buttocks


  • Confirmation of the correct injection points.
  • Real exercises

Injection training to correct injection sites is possible.